Good work in a way that suits you

Eezy’s services for individuals

Our job is to support each of us in doing good work. This means choices that are suitable for different life situations, meaningful work and a secure livelihood throughout life. 

We believe that everyone wants to do good work – our mission is to enable it. Through us, you can apply for jobs, do occasional gigs, become a light entrepreneur and participate in preparatory courses or vocational training.

Enjoy freedom as a leased employee

Eezy always has jobs available in several different sectors! Through us, you can get a job quickly and effortlessly – you can apply for several different positions with one application. You can also find employment for a short or longer period of time depending on your needs. As a leased employee, you can flexibly choose your work shifts, earn additional income when you need it and easily gain diverse work experience. We are a responsible and reliable employer: we train our employees carefully and provide all employees with a personal contact person who they can turn to in all matters related to their work. Welcome to Eezy – we employ more than 32,000 people in 52 cities every year!

You can view open positions here or apply for a job in all industries and cities with a single form.

Benefits of working as a leased employee

  • Choose work shifts flexibly
  • Earn extra income when you need it
  • Gain diverse work experience
  • It is a myth that leased employees have poorer pay or benefits.

We offer work in these industries and for these groups of people:

Pathways to working life through training

Do you need additional expertise or training to enter working life, or are you dreaming of a career change? We train jobseekers for new tasks, for example, through apprenticeships and tailored training together with our client companies. In connection with the training, you will become a leased employee at Eezy, and the training aims at long-term employment.

We also organise short-term training for certain tasks in, for example, the hotel, restaurant, tourism and event industries.

You can find all our open training courses on the training page. Go to the training page.

Light entrepreneurship is freedom

As a light entrepreneur, you can test your business idea and make your dreams come true without a business name or business ID. Eezy Light Entrepreneurs will take care of the bureaucracy and paperwork for you. You can work either full-time or part-time – whatever works best for you.

Preparatory courses open doors to studies

Eezy Valmennuskeskus has over 45 years of experience in offering preparatory courses for higher education entrance examinations and matriculation examinations. With the help of our preparatory courses, you will master study techniques and multiply your chances of success.

Direct searches and personal assessments

We secure the right people for the right workplaces through direct searches, outplacement services and personal assessments.

Employment services provide support at different stages of working life

Our services help you in job search, career planning and rehabilitation. Each year, we help more than 8,000 clients find employment and training.