Embark on an Adventure in Lapland!

Do you thrive in fast-paced work with people? Are you an adventurer at heart, craving variety and excitement? If you answered yes, you’d be perfect as a seasonal worker in northern Finland’s skiing resorts! We have jobs available for both industry experts and beginners. In Lapland, you will find an amazing work community, stunning nature, and competitive pay!

What kind of work is available in Lapland?

Eezy offers a variety of hotel and restaurant jobs in the largest holiday resorts in Lapland. Jobs are available for:

  • waiters
  • cooks
  • dishwashers
  • receptionists
  • VIP hosts
  • guides
  • maintenance workers
  • cottage cleaners
  • and even Santa’s elves!

We also offer positions that do not require previous work experience in the field. Check out the open positions and apply quickly, as interviews are conducted continuously and positions are filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found. If you don’t find a suitable position, you can also submit an open application where you tell us about yourself and what kind of work you would like to do.

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Why should one work in Lapland?

A change of scenery is refreshing! By working in a new environment, you develop your professional skills in entirely new ways and gain unforgettable experiences. In Lapland, the pay is also very competitive!

What about accommodation?

When you start a job in Lapland through Eezy, accommodation is conveniently arranged through us! We mostly offer shared accommodation in furnished rooms, ensuring plenty of community spirit! 🤩 Occasionally, private rooms are also available. Rent varies by location and is approximately 200–450 euros per month.

In Lapland, you can:

Experience snowy winter in Lapland

Experience the magical nature and a real snowy winter

Make new friends and be part of a close-knit work community.

Make new friends and be part of a close-knit work community

Engage in a variety of hobbies and activities during your free time

Who is suitable for seasonal work in ski resorts?

Seasonal work is suitable for people of all kinds, but especially for:

Gap year takers and those looking to explore new fields

Those who want to work during traditional holiday seasons

Backpackers who work in winter and travel the world in summer

Those who want to be in the midst of nature away from the city hustle and bustle

Diverse range of jobs in ski resorts

Why choose Eezy?

At Eezy, the well-being and satisfaction of our employees are paramount. We ensure that you receive comprehensive training for your new job. Eezy assigns you a personal contact person who can assist you with all work-related matters. We offer competitive salaries with additional benefits.

Fantastic Benefits

As an employee at Eezy’s mountain resorts, you’ll enjoy excellent employee benefits (depending on the location).

Ski passes at half price or even for free

Skiing equipment rental at half price or even for free

Free gym access

Various dining and leisure benefits

At which ski resorts there is work available?

Through Eezy, you can find employment in various locations, including:

  • Levi
  • Ylläs
  • Ruka
  • Saariselkä
  • Pyhä
  • Luosto
  • Iso-Syöte

Submit your application quickly, and we’ll get in touch with you!

Check out open positions
Ski resorts in northern Finland

Need more information?

The Eezy Rovaniemi team is happy to help at the number 0400 188666 and by email: rovaniemi.eezy@eezy.fi

How long can you work for?

Through Eezy, you can work for as long as you prefer, whether it’s for the entire winter or a shorter period. For example, you can work from autumn to spring or just for the month of December! Feel free to send in your application, and we’ll be in touch to discuss your situation.

What about working in the summer?

In Lapland, the winter season runs from November to April. If you’re interested working in Lapland also in the summer, there are opportunities for summertime employment as well. If you’re looking for a change, Eezy also offers summer jobs in other Finnish summer season destinations. As an alternative to the ski resorts, you can spend your summers in the archipelago or at the most exciting summer festivals all around Finland!