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Eezy’s job is to create successful work experiences. We serve both employees and employers and help them achieve their personal goals, career goals or business goals. The goal of the Eezy team is to be the leading innovator of working life in Finland.

Eezy Plc is a Finnish company that offers staff leasing, recruitment, coaching, training and employment services as well as light entrepreneur services and business development services. Each year, we employ approximately 30,000 people and operate throughout Finland. Eezy’s group revenue in 2021 was EUR 305.5 million and Eezy’s share is listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Find a job for a young person or employ a young person

Established in 2015, Pikaduuni is a summer job campaign for young people. It has already employed more than 4,000 young people in companies and households.

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Допомога українцям у Фінляндії

Війна в Україні торкнулася всіх нас. Ми хочемо взяти на себе відповідальність і допомогти всім українцям, які потребують допомоги, надавши в їхнє розпорядження весь наш досвід та мережі.

Допомога українцям у Фінляндії

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