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CEO and management team

Introduction of the CEO and management team

Siina Saksi

Born 1966, M.Sc. (Econ)
Finnish citizen

Eezy Plc, CEO (2023-)

Work experience

Terveystalo, COO, Member of the Executive Team (2017-2023)
Terveystalo, Business Director, Member of the Executive Team (2016-2017)
Terveystalo, Region Business Director (2013-2016)
Tryg, Country Manager (2010-2013)
Tryg, Head of Customer Service and Marketing & Communication (2008-2010)
Nordea Vahinkovakuutus, Marketing and Customer Service Director (2007-2008)
If P&C Insurance, Head of Marketing – Commercial Finland (2002-2007)

Positions of trust

Board member, Smile Henkilöstöpalvelut

Joni Aaltonen

Born 1970, Bachelor of Business Administration
Finnish citizen

Eezy Plc, Chief Financial Officer (2024-)

Work experience

Silo AI, Strategy Director 2023
Pihlajalinna Plc, CEO 2017-2023
Pihlajalinna Plc, SVP Primary and Social Care segment 2017
Pihlajalinna Plc, Head of M&A 2015-2017
Pihlajalinna Plc, CFO 2008-2015
Plenware Oy, CFO 2005-2008
KPMG, Auditor 2001-2004

Ari Myllyniemi

Born 1981, Master of Education
Finnish citizen

Interim Director, Staffing (2024-)

Work experience

Eezy Staffing Services, Director, Regional Sales and Service Production (2023– 2024)
Eezy Staffing Services, Regional Director, Branch Director (2019-2023)
Smile Staffing Services, Regional Director, Account Director (2018-2019)
Jobio, Partner, CEO (2015-2018)
Empore Oy, Partner, Service Director, Recruitment Manager (2011-2015)

Positions of trust

Jonator Oy, Board Member
TK- Investment, Board Member
Hennari Holding Oy, Board Member

Marleena Bask

Born 1977, M.Sc. (Econ)
Finnish Citizen

Eezy Plc, Chief Communication and Marketing Officer (2022-)

Work experience

Meira Oy, Director, Strategy, Sustainability and Communication (2017-2022)
Meira Oy, Marketing Manager (2013-2017)
Meira Oy, Category Manager (2012-2013)
Hartwall Oy, Brand Manager (2008-2012)
Vectia Oy, Consultant (2003-2008)

Positions of trust

Board member, Famifarm Oy (2021 -) 

Markus Jussila

Born 1978, M.Sc. (Econ)
Finnish citizen

Director, Professional Services (2023-)

Work experience

Eezy Professional services, interim Director (06/2023-)
Eezy Personnel and Eezy Flow, Business Director (2022-)
Leidenschaft, Founder, CEO (2016-2022)
Stella Kotipalvelut, Business Director (2015-2016)
Kuudes Helsinki, CEO (2014-2015)
Mehiläinen, Business Director (2009-2013)
Visualweb, CEO (2006-2009)

Positions of trust

Chairman of board, Bookers Group (2022-)
Member of Board, Bookers Group (2020-2022)
Member of Board, Pretty Boy Oy (2021-)

Päivi Salo

s. 1980, M.Sc. (Econ)
Finnish citizen

Eezy Plc, Chief Digital Officer (CDO) (2021-)

Work experience

Pohjola Sairaala Oy, Director, IT & Marketing, 2017-2021
Diacor terveyspalvelut Oy, Business Development, 2014-2017
Canon Oy, Business Development, 2010-2014
Nokia Siemens Networks, Solution Planning Manager, 2007-2010
Nokia, Solution Planning Manager, 2004-2007

Saara Tikkanen

Born 1982, M.Sc. (Econ)
Finnish citizen

Eezy Plc, Chief human resources officer (2024-)

Work experience

Verkkokauppa.com Oyj, Chief Human Resources Officer, 2021-2023
Edenred Finland Oy, HR Director, 2017-2021
ISS Palvelut Oy, HR Manager, HR Business Partner, 2013-2017
Nilson Group filial i Finland AB, HR Partner, 2011-2013
Palace Kämp Group Oy, HR Specialist, 2010-2011
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, HRD Specialist 2006-2010

Duties of the CEO

The Board of Directors nominates Eezy’s CEO. The CEO is responsible for managing the Company’s day-to-day operations in accordance with the Limited Liability Companies Act and the authorizations and guidelines issued by the Board of Directors. The CEO informs the Board on the development of Eezy’s strategy, business operations and financial situation. In addition, the CEO is responsible for ensuring that the Company’s accounting complies with applicable laws and that its financial administration has been organized in a responsible manner.

The tasks of the CEO include preparing and handling matters discussed by the Board of Directors, developing Eezy’s operations together with the Board in line with the strategic targets approved by the Board, and appropriately executing the Board’s decisions. In addition, the CEO oversees the responsible organization of Eezy’s day-to-day management, internal control and risk management functions. The CEO is furthermore responsible for ensuring that Eezy is compliant with applicable legislation and regulations. The CEO acts as the Chairperson in Eezy’s Management Team meetings.

Eezy’s Board of Directors nominates the CEO and decides on the salary and remuneration paid to the CEO, short- and long-term incentive targets and other conditions of the CEO’s service contract. The conditions of the CEO’ employment relationship are defined in a written CEO service contract approved by the Board. The CEO is appointed until further notice. The Board has the right to dismiss the CEO. The CEO cannot be elected as Chairperson of the Board.

Duties of the Management Team

The Board of Directors appoints the members of Eezy’s Management Team by the proposal of the CEO. The Management Team assists the CEO in guiding and developing business operations and coordinates management of the Group.

The most important matters discussed in the Management Team are the Group’s strategy and annual planning, financial and sales planning and monitoring, combinations of business operations, acquisitions and other business-related investments. The members of the Management Team have extensive authority to act within their own areas of responsibility, and it is their responsibility is to develop Eezy’s business operations based on targets set by the Board and the CEO and in accordance with the strategy approved by the Board.

The Management Team meets regularly once per month or as necessary. The CEO acts as the Chairperson of the Management Team. The Management Team is not a decision-making body, but the matters handled and recommended by it are discussed within Eezy’s Board of Directors or implemented with the CEO’s authorization. The task of the members of the Management Team is to implement decisions within their own areas of responsibility. The CEO appoints the Management Team’s secretary.