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Financial key figures

Key figures of Eezy

The following table presents information about Eezy Plc  in 2019-2023.

EUR thousand, unless otherwise specified20232022202120202019
Key figures for income statement
EBITDA margin, %6.6 %7.4%9.6%7.1%7.4%
EBIT margin, %1.8%4.0%5.8%2.9%4.7%
Earnings per share, basic, EUR0.030.290.310.110.25
Earnings per share, diluted, EUR0.030.280.310.110.25
Weighted average number of outstanding shares, pcs25,046,81525,046,81524,883,65524,849,37518,296,109
Weighted average number of outstanding shares, diluted, pcs25,277,37425,287,26425,081,13424,997,33218,301,372
Number of outstanding shares at the end of reporting period, pcs25.046.81525,046,81525,046,81524,849,37524,849,375