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Financial key figures

Key figures of Eezy

The following table presents information about Eezy Plc  in 2018-2021.

EUR thousand, unless otherwise specified2021202020192018
Key figures for income statement
EBITDA margin, %9.6%7.1%7.4%12.3 %
EBIT margin, %5.8%2.9%4.7%10.0 %
Items affecting comparability1,2903,7771,077
Items affecting EBITDA and comparability7593,7771,077
Adjusted EBITDA14,25416,36311,146
Adjusted EBITDA margin, %7.5%9.6%13.6 %
Adjusted EBIT6,85611,7999,230
Adjusted EBIT margin, %3.6%6.9%11.3 %
Earnings per share, basic, EUR0.310.110.250.38
Earnings per share, diluted, EUR0.310.110.25
Weighted average number of outstanding shares, pcs24,883,65524,849,37518,296,10910,559,819
Weighted average number of outstanding shares, diluted, pcs25,081,13424,997,33218,301,372
Number of outstanding shares at the end of reporting period, pcs25,046,81524,849,37524,849,37514,799,198