Eezy’s updated strategy and long-term financial targets for 2022–2025

Eezy Plc’s Board of Directors has approved the company’s updated strategy and long-term financial targets for 2022-2025.

Eezy will strengthen its position as the most significant reformer of working life by diversifying its services. The strategy will focus on the success of the individual and their overall well-being. During the strategy period, investments will also be made in the digitalisation of services.

The goal of the growth strategy is strong growth in revenue and profitability. It is based on organic growth driven by growing markets and select acquisitions. For inorganic growth, Eezy focuses on improving profitability through synergies and by investing in higher-margin industries.

Eezy is already one of the largest employers in Finland, through which tens of thousands of people find work every year and which serves thousands of companies. Eezy’s services include staffing services, recruitment, executive search and personal assessments, research, coaching and development services for companies and organisations, light entrepreneurship services, international recruitment, integration services for immigrants, coaching courses for young people and employment services. The aim of the strategy period is to start producing well-being services and to grow the training, consulting and research business with new services.

The Board of Directors has confirmed the company’s long-term financial targets for the strategy period up to 2025:

  • Revenue EUR 400 million
  • EBIT 10% of revenue
  • Dividend 30–50% of the profit for the financial year

The strategic objective is to provide a wide range of services throughout a person’s career. With the updated strategy and the acquisition of KK Valmennuskeskus Oy, Eezy will help tens of thousands of young people find a place to study during 2022. Coaching for upper secondary school students brings even younger people into Eezy’s services. Overall, about 250,000 people are targeted with services.

The main strategic priorities and measures are:

  • Winning Organisation: Eezy’s profitability improves significantly through organic growth as the business is scaled up.
  • Growth and customers: Eezy’s customer service is improved and made more efficient with new digital solutions, and customers’ business is developed with Eezy’s coaching, research, data and machine learning.
  • Most sought-after pool of talent: Eezy’s pool of talent grows through training, international recruitment and completely new services, and Eezy’s attractiveness increases with digitalisation and ease of use.
  • The most prominent innovator of working life: Eezy’s societal impact grows through acquisitions and expansion of service offering.

CEO Sami Asikainen:

“We will begin this upcoming strategy period with confidence. Our confidence is based on the attractiveness of the market, the competitiveness of our own organisation and our resources to make acquisitions. We are a growth company with a good cash position and the skill to make profitable acquisitions. Demand for labour and services is at an excellent level and the megatrends in working life are growing our market. Eezy has proven its ability to thrive in difficult pandemic conditions, and we are in a fantastic position to start the next strategy period.”