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Share capital and own shares

The table below sets forth a summary of the changes in Eezy’s share capital and the number of the shares from the incorporation of Eezy.

Date of the resolutionTransactionNumber of the shares issuedNumber of shares after the transactionShare capital (EUR)Registration date in the Trade Register
1.11.2021Share issue151.59725.046.81580,0008.11.2021
1.10.2021Share issue45,84324,895,21880,00012.10.2021
23.8.2019Share issue10,050,17724,849,37580,00027.8.2019
18.6.2018Share issue905,82214,799,19880,0006.7.2018
5.6.2018Share issue388,18513,893,37680,0006.7.2018
5.6.2018Share issue5,650,63413,505,19180,00018.6.2018
29.5.2018Share issue3,102,5577,854,55780,00030.5.2018
18.5.2018Share issue3,564,0004,752,00080,00024.5.2018
18.5.2018Increase of
the share capital1
(incorporation)Share issue1,188,0001,188,0002,500November 2, 2017

1 The increase of EUR 77,500 in the Company’s share capital was made through the reserve for unrestricted invested equity.

The Company does not own its own shares.