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Eezy as an investment

Eezy Plc is Finland’s widest expert on working life, whose mission is to be a maker of good working life. We serve our customers in staffing, corporate culture design and leadership development, recruitment, employment services, light entrepreneurship, and personnel surveys.

We know the pulse of Finnish work life because we employ about 25,000 people annually, carry out 900 organizational development projects, analyze 200,000 personnel survey responses and conduct 3 300 person assessments.

Eezy’s share is listed on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

Why invest in Eezy?

  • Bringing together employers and employees is a fast-growing billion-euro business.
  • Eezy is the most versatile staffing services company in Finland and knows working life from Hanko to Utsjoki.
  • We have the most diverse offering in the staffing services and a scalable franchising business model enabling flexibility and strong local presence.
  • Our market position is strong in each business.
  • We know how to grow both organically and through acquisitions, and our vision is market leadership in Finland.