What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that can be saved on your computer through services and websites you visit. Eezy’s website and services use cookies so that we can serve you as well as possible. 

When you visit Eezy’s websites and services, cookies that are strictly necessary for their functionality can be installed in your browser. Strictly necessary cookies always have to be accepted because they guarantee the functionality of the websites and service. In addition, we may use other cookies for marketing or analytics purposes. 

When visiting our websites and services, you can either accept all the cookies or continue using the website or service only with the strictly necessary cookies. You can delete the cookie saved on your computer from your browser’s settings at any time.

The use of cookies is not apparent during the session, and it does not affect the performance of your computer. 

What information do we collect and store? 

With cookies and other technologies, our websites and services can collect and store information related to your computer and your use of our services. Collected information includes details such as when you have accessed the website and service, the browser you are using and when and which pages you have browsed. 

How do we use cookies? 

Cookies collect information that we use for purposes such as marketing and statistical analysis, such as tracking visitor traffic. 

Cookies enable processing information such as the website’s or service’s number of users and other information related to their use. With the obtained information, we can analyse and develop our operations to serve you in a better and more personalised way. With the gathered information, we can target you marketing that is likely to interest you both when using the service and outside of it with retargeting advertising, for example.

Third-party services that we use: 

Google Tag Manager is a service designed for reading the customer’s browser information. The service collects the information processed and read by the browser. More information is available here.

We store your information for the duration of the session depending on the data retention period of the integrated service (Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel). 

Google Analytics is a service for collecting analytics information and measuring the performance of websites. The service collects information such as the device identifier, referring web address, length of visit and links opened. More information about Google Analytics is available here.

We store the information received from Google Analytics for 2 years and do not disclose it to third parties. 

Facebook Pixel is a service provided by Facebook for targeting and measuring advertising. The service collects information such as the anonymised random identifier. More information about Facebook Pixel is available here.

We store the information for the duration of the session, and Facebook collects information for its own purposes. 

Eezy is not responsible for the third parties’ processing of information, cookies or other tracking technologies. In these cases, the third parties’ own data protection practices and terms of use shall apply. We recommend taking a look at the third parties’ data protection terms and conditions (Google, Facebook).

Who can you contact? 

If you have any questions or requests about data privacy or the use of cookies, please contact us primarily by email at tietosuoja@eezy.fi