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Your partner at different stages of working life

At Eezy, we fulfil working life dreams, including the dreams of doctors. We want to be your trusted partner at different stages of your working life – even when you want to lighten your workload or gain experience in a new speciality.

Getting work through Eezy is easy: tell us what kind of work you are looking for and we will find the best options for you and give you concrete job offers. You can choose the ones you like best.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have before and during your employment. We will negotiate the details of your contract on your behalf and take care of any practical arrangements, such as accommodation, lease contracts, etc.
We are the most experienced operator in our field and always within your reach.

Note: Finnish or Swedish language skills are required in almost every position.

Professional practice rights

To be able to work in Finland as a doctor, one must apply for professional practice rights. Valvira grants on the grounds of the application right to practice healthcare profession for both healthcare professionals educated in Finland and abroad.

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Eemil Välimäki

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Essi Sundell

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Liinu Silvennoinen

Myyntipäällikkö, Doctors by Eezy

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Feedback survey results

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Working with Doctors by Eezy met my expectations


All communication has been smooth


I would also recommend Doctors by Eezy to my colleagues as a potential alternative

What they said about us

”Nice people. I will definitely come back once I have completed my “mandatory” specialisation period.” 

”Everything has gone incredibly smoothly and flexibly! I have also especially liked Doctors by Eezy’s cheerful and positive attitude and good communication.” 

”They answered my questions thoroughly and quickly. I have no complaints. At the beginning of an employment relationship, questions related to the employer/employment relationship often arise. For the future, I would recommend carrying out a survey on how one’s work has taken off after the first few weeks and whether they have any questions.” 

”It is really easy to stay in touch with the personnel and enter into an employment relationship. Thank you!” 

”I was well informed about everything and was contacted several times before the start of my work period. They also checked up on me after my work had already begun.” 

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