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Eezy’s business

The Eezy Group consists of the parent company, Eezy Plc, and its subsidiaries. Eezy’s business operations are divided into two units: the Work and Talent business unit and the Growth and Renewal business unit.

The Work and Talent business unit provides staffing and recruitment services to customers and employees. In staffing, Eezy serves corporate customers, with the employee being in an employment relationship with the staffing company but working for the customer company for a specified period of time. Eezy offers staffing services through its own units as well as through franchisees. Eezy’s recruitment services include headhunting, aptitude assessments and relocation services.

The Growth and Renewal business unit provides research, training and development services for companies’ personnel as well as management consulting and coaching services. The unit also includes tutoring services for upper secondary school students and university students as well as employment services ranging from training services to coaching, integration, guidance and rehabilitation services. Eezy’s light entrepreneurship services enable private individuals to operate as independent entrepreneurs without having to start their own company, by invoicing their customers through Eezy’s service.

Eezy’s extensive range of services responds to the changing needs of working life in Finland. Eezy’s diverse offering enables the company to serve as a comprehensive HR partner to customers and individuals.

Eezy’s strategy

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