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Eezy’s business

Eezy is Finland’s most versatile expert company in working life. We help companies and people do good work. Our goal is a society where everyone can find a lifelong opportunity for employment and where humanely managed, future-proof companies create growth for Finland.

What we offer:

  • staff leasing services
  • recruitment services (executive searches, aptitude assessments and outplacement services)
  • staff research, training and development services
  • business management consulting and coaching
  • company culture design
  • employment services (training, coaching, integration, counselling and rehabilitation services)
  • light entrepreneur services for private persons
  • preparatory courses for upper secondary school pupils and other students

The Eezy Group consists of the parent company, Eezy Plc, and its subsidiaries. Eezy’s business operations are divided into two units: The Staffing Services business unit and the Professional Services business unit.

Eezy in figures


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