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Working life services for businesses

Eezy is Finland’s most versatile expert company in working life. Our goal is a society where everyone can find employment and where humanely managed companies create growth for Finland.

We build strong employment and growing, successful businesses in society. We serve our clients, for example, through staff leasing, management development, recruitment, employment services, company culture design and personnel surveys.

Eezy in figures

Työntekijät ikoni

We employ more than 25,000 people annually

Asiakkaat ikoni

We serve more than 6,000 client companies

Toimipisteet ikoni

We operate in
52 locations in Finland

Liikevaihto ikoni

Our revenue in 2023
was EUR 219 million

Pörssikurssi ikoni

Eezy’s share is listed on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange

Staffing services for companies around Finland

Eezy is Finland’s most versatile working life company, which knows Finnish working life from Hanko to Utsjoki, and from buildings to industry, logistics, restaurants and stores. We always have a solution for your business, whether you are looking for a reliable leased employee, help with recruitment, tailor-made training or when you want to, for example, balance seasonal fluctuations through outsourcing. In addition to companies, our clients also include the State of Finland, municipalities, municipal federations, parishes, foundations and organisations.

At Eezy, we help jobseekers and job providers find each other. Flexible working models, responsible employee leasing and organisational development are at the heart of everything we do. Our services help you and your company succeed. Our network of offices, the largest in the industry, enables us to understand the local business environment everywhere.

In staffing services, we serve the following industries and groups of people:

We train employees to meet the needs of companies

We support our client companies by training employees for various tasks. What kind of workforce needs does your company have? Eezy can help you identify your company’s needs and offer individually tailored training solutions.

Our training portfolio includes courses that will help people find work in a new industry and practical apprenticeship training. We also organise various short training courses for different specific needs.

Eezy’s extensive network, the largest in the industry in Finland, is at your service in most cities nationwide.

Direct searches and personal assessments

Eezy Personnel helps unite jobs and employees. Successful recruitment always requires skill. When looking for a new potential employee, it is important to take into account how to reach the right candidates, how to choose the most suitable applicants and what kind of image the applicants will have of the process. With over 35 years of experience, we know how to operate to ensure that both the client and the applicant have the best possible experience. We carry out more than 500 demanding recruitments and more than 5,000 psychological personal assessments every year. Our experience creates the conditions for the best results.

We offer a variety of services to support employers:

  • Direct search
  • Advertisement search
  • Personal assessment
  • Outplacement services for employees

Company growth, development and change

We are our clients’ growth partner in strategy and corporate culture design, personnel and customer experience surveys, change management and management coaching. We bring individual success to the centre of business, and we believe in the power of a humanely sustainable working life. More than 150,000 respondents participate in our surveys every year. Our products include the People Power and Signi survey methods as well as the Prosci change management methodology. Finland’s first corporate culture office, Leidenschaft, is also part of our team.

Eezy Employment Services

Eezy Employment Services offers educational, training, coaching and rehabilitation services and helps extend working careers.