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Now is the time to apply for summer jobs in 2024!

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Eezy is offering a variety of summer jobs across Finland! Are you interested in working in a cafe, restaurant, store, or even at the hottest summer festivals? We also have available summer jobs in warehouses and industrial settings. Eezy has summer job options for everyone – check out the open positions below and apply now!

Open Summer Job Positions

Which field are you interested in for your summer job? Eezy offers summer jobs in restaurants, cafes, hotels, as well as in industries, commerce, sales, and logistics. Additionally, we have summer job opportunities in construction sites, events, office tasks, and property services! Browse the open summer job positions below and submit your application!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Jobs:

At what age can I apply for summer jobs?

You can secure a summer job through Eezy if you are at least 18 years old. Generally, we do not offer summer jobs to those aged 17 or younger.

How much will I be paid for summer jobs?

The salary for summer jobs varies based on the task and industry. Eezy pays summer job salaries according to the relevant collective agreements. For more details, inquire with the contact person listed in the open summer job announcement.

How long does a summer job last?

The duration of a summer job depends on the specific position. Some roles require a longer commitment from early summer to fall, while others may only be for a few weeks. The duration is generally mentioned in the summer job announcements. You can also inquire about it from the listed contact person. In some cases, the duration can be flexible based on the applicant’s preferences. Additionally, if you’re interested in working beyond the summer, we’re happy to help you find a new position when your summer job concludes.

How does the summer job application process work?

We start processing applications as soon as we receive them and invite some applicants for interviews as spring progresses. Being an early applicant gives you an advantage, and the best candidates may be hired for summer jobs even during the winter. New job opportunities continue to open up, so even if you don’t secure a summer job initially, we may reach out to you later in the spring!

Is work experience necessary to apply for summer jobs?

Some positions require previous experience, while others do not. Each job posting specifies the requirements for the role. Whether experience is required or not, Eezy provides thorough training for all summer employees.

What should I include in my summer job application?

In your application, share information about yourself and your skills. If you don’t have a degree or work experience yet, you can mention your hobbies. If you’ve worked as a babysitter or volunteered for a sports club, be sure to highlight those experiences!