Sustainability at Eezy

Eezy aims to build a more sustainable working life, for all

Eezy’s mission is to be a maker of good working life. Our vision is to make work a happy matter. Sustainability and responsibility are an integral part of achieving these goals.

Good Work, Finland!

Our sustainability programme Good Work, Finland! is divided into two main themes: Good Work for All and Prosperous Work Communities. Our goal is to build a more sustainable working life in Finland. We are developing more prosperous, equal and diverse work communities and forms of work.

As Finland’s most comprehensive expert on working life, we make a significant social impact, both through our own operations and through our client companies. We offer employment and career transition opportunities for all – the young, the retired, immigrants, light entrepreneurs, staffed employees and permanent employees alike. We also help people find employment and prevent exclusion by providing training in working life skills, for hard-to-employ target groups such as career changers and immigrants.

In 2023, we employed 25,000 and billed 47,000 hours of work by light entrepreneurs. We also carry out 900 organisational development projects each year, analyse 200 000 employee engagement survey responses and carry out 3 300 people assessments. We pay our taxes in Finland and are also a major contributor to pension contributions. We cooperate with trade unions, public administrations and educational institutions.

We are committed to responsible behaviour

  • We comply with all applicable legislation and collective agreements in all our activities. We regularly monitor changes in legislation and adapt our operations accordingly.
  • Our sustainability programme is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG)and has been developed taking into account, for example, the UN Global Compact initiative, the principles of the of the ILO Declaration of Fundamental Rights at Work and the human rights defined by the UN. In addition, we are committed to creating a discrimination-free zone, as defined by Finland’s Ministry of Justice.
  • We always act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. We also expect all our employees, customers, stakeholders and partners to act in accordance with the Code.
  • We recruit and employ responsibly and equally.
  • We protect the safety of our employees.
  • We use data and AI responsibly.
  • We take care of our environmental responsibility.

Our processes to support sustainable development

We regularly train our staff on topics such as compliance with our Code of Conduct and Safe Space Principles, responsible use of AI and data, data protection and security, and non-discriminatory recruitment processes. We ensure occupational safety and that all our employees receive the necessary training, either from us or from our client company.

We have a whistleblower reporting channel in place under the EU Whistleblower Directive for external and internal use. Our employees also have the possibility to report misconduct or suspected misconduct directly to a supervisor, a harassment liaison officer or senior management.

In all its operations, Eezy Plc (“Eezy”) complies with the laws of the EU and Finland, the rules of the Nasdaq Helsinki marketplace maintained by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. and other applicable rules of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd., the instructions and regulations of the Financial Supervisory Authority and other authorities, the 2020 Corporate Governance Code for Finnish Listed Companies and the company’s corporate gov- ernance principles, the insider guide and inter- nal insider guidelines for our sectors (including guidelines concerning the staffing services sec- tor). We are committed to and prepared for reporting and developing our operations in line with the EU Sustainable Development Directive (CSRD).

Eezy’s risk management is part of the Group’s ERP system and therefore an integral part of the Group’s management system. It is an integral part of Eezy’s operational planning and management process, decision making, day-to-day management and operations, control and reporting procedures. Risk management is part of internal control. Risk management is systematic, proactive and comprehensive. It covers the whole of the Group’s activities and takes into account all areas of risk. Key risks are systematically identified, assessed, managed, monitored and reported as part of the business.

According to data, we are a reliable partner and employer

We are continuously audited for sustainability, not only by our customers but also in the CSRD reporting process starting in 2024. In line with our values, our operations must be based on knowledge and continuous improvement, so we regularly examine Eezy ourselves, from the perspective of our stakeholders. According to the Reputation & Trust survey for decision makers, Eezy’s strengths are in particular the positive perceptions associated with governance, i.e. doing things in a transparent and correct way (12/2023). Similarly, as an employer, Eezy’s feedback is top-notch.

Working at Eezy is rewarding and inspiring. The people you work with are like a second family, and the team spirit is second to none. My boss trusts my abilities and gives me the freedom to do my job the way I see fit. The work is interesting and provides constant opportunities to learn new things. I also appreciate the flexibility that allows me to balance work and private life seamlessly. The possibility to work remotely is particularly important as it allows me to work from anywhere. Our modern working equipment and comfortable office make for a pleasant working day. At Eezy, I feel part of something bigger and more meaningful, and that motivates me every day.

An employee story compiled by Azure AI, based on open responses (452) to Eezy’s 2024 PeoplePower survey

We scored higher than the industry in a survey by the Employement Industry Finland in questions related to job content expectations, job search and career development (05/2024). The survey also found that Eezy employees are significantly more likely to recommend their employer, with 93% of those who work for us recommending temporary work, compared to an industry average of 89%.

We also conduct an annual survey of the strengths, areas for development, and work culture of our staff organisation. According to the Siqni employee sentiment survey, 88/100 feel that being at Eezy is “a work environment where I can be myself” (02/2023). And according to the PeoplePower® employee survey (03/2024), Eezy is perceived as a more accountable and non-discriminatory employer than the employee norms. In the PeoplePower results, Eezy’s strengths were highlighted as, among others, the work of the immediate staff and induction. In addition to job satisfaction surveys, Eezy employees’ well-being at work is measured by sickness absence rates and we actively invest in preventive occupational health.

Eezy Safe Space Principles

  • Respect each other’s personal physical and mental space. You can’t know someone’s limits without asking about them. Always ask before you touch someone, for example. Listen and change your behaviour if someone indicates to you that you are making them uncomfortable.
  • Respect everyone and don’t make assumptions. Do not make assumptions about anyone’s sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socio-economic background, ability, or health. Respect pronouns and names. Be aware of your own privileges.
  • Give space and meet others with gentleness. Try to ensure that everyone can participate in discussions. Be mindful of being overpowering and give others the floor. Also respect everyone’s right to privacy and always handle sensitive topics with respect. Remember that you never know what the person you are talking to is going through or has experienced.
  • Respect others’ opinions, beliefs, experiences, and differing points of view. Do not mock, ridicule, belittle, push aside, or embarrass anyone with your words, behaviour or actions.
  • Are responsible for our own actions and behaviour. Be aware that your actions have an impact on other people, despite your good intentions.
  • Avoid body-shaming.Do not comment on another person’s body. Also, please refrain from comment- ing on other people’s food and eating.
  • Address harassment. If you ever witness harass- ment, always ask the victim if they want help or support. Do not remain a bystander.

These guidelines are based on content provided by Finland’s Ministry of Justice and was last updated on 18 April 2024.

Our environmental footprint

Through the ESRS duality assessment, it has been found that Eezy’s environmental footprint is relatively small. However, we are committed to addressing the climate and environmental impacts of our operations and value chain in the strategy period 2024 – 2028, and we aim to meet the Paris Climate Agreement climate targets for our own operations.

In addition, we are already taking steps to reduce the climate and environmental impacts of our own operations. For example, we have extensive recycling facilities in our offices and encourage our staff to use public transport and meet remotely. Most of the greenhouse gas emissions from Eezy’s operations come from the value chain – more specifically from employee commuting. Even for this category, however, the impacts are estimated to be relatively small, as only about 30% of Eezy’s employees have access to a car and about half of the employees working for Eezy in 2023 live in Finland’s largest cities (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku), where public transport is readily available and expected to be used. A commuter bike benefit is also available for employees.

Eezy Code of conduct

Our Code of conduct guides us in building an equal and inclusive working life.

In addition to training all our current staff, the materials are part of the induction package for new employees, including staffed employees.

The Code of conduct was approved by the Eezy Board of Directors on 14 February 2024 and will be reviewed as necessary.

You can scroll for key info here below or download the full document as a pdf file here.

An equal working life with respect for human rights

We promote an equal, equal and inclusive working life. We treat all people equally and provide equal opportunities in employment, regardless of an individual’s appearance, ethnic group, origin, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation and expression, age, disability, marital or family status or any characteristic defined by law or regulation. We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination or other inappropriate behaviour. We also expect all our employees, customers, stakeholders and partners to act in accordance with this Code of conduct.

We respect and promote human rights in everything we do. We do not condone the use of child labour, forced labour or the unjustified or illegal withholding of salaries. A child under the age of 15 is considered to be a child, and a child above this age is also considered to be a minor where so defined by local law. We recognise that employees under the age of 18 have special needs and we take these into account in our operations. 

We do not condone actions that restrict the free movement of workers. Such measures include the employer taking possession of identity papers, passports or work permits as a condition of the employment relationship. We do not condone human trafficking, modern slavery, forced labour or any other form of human exploitation. Through our own measures, we ensure that our domestic and international partners are reliable. We conduct a separate audit of our foreign partners’ backgrounds and compliance with international human rights conventions before we start working with them. 

We ensure that our labour import processes are reliable and appropriate. Our internal processes should be aimed at helping and supporting the integration, training and working of employees who have come to Finland through us. 

At our request, our customers, partners and stakeholders must explain how they monitor human rights in their own operations and supply chain. Any violations must be addressed, and corrective action must be initiated without delay in a jointly agreed upon manner. If corrective action is not taken within the agreed upon time frame, we will terminate the cooperation immediately. 

Safe working environment

The working environment must be safe, promoting occupational safety and health and the well-being of people. We operate in accordance with current occupational safety and health legislation. We continuously improve the safety of the people working for us or for our customers. Together with our customers, we ensure that our employees have received both the task-specific work equipment and adequate occupational safety and health training for the work tasks and the working environment. 

We ensure that our client companies understand their own occupational safety responsibilities towards our employees. 

Responsible use of AI and technology

We use technology, artificial intelligence and data responsibly. We use and develop technology and artificial intelligence to promote a good, equal, diverse and inclusive working life.  

We are open about the use of AI – we ensure that the users of our services have the opportunity to understand what the algorithms do and what data they use.  We also openly communicate it when we use AI in our services.  Solutions using artificial intelligence are carefully tested and piloted with a limited target group before they are put to use in production. The data used to train the system is known in order to identify and correct data biases.  The AI operates under human supervision. The AI assists with recruitment, but the decisions are always made by a person.  The aim is to make AI-assisted solutions widely and equally available to our employees in order to make their work more efficient. 

Data protection

For Eezy, data protection issues are an extremely important part of our good governance and accountability work. Eezy has a data protection and security organisation based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has operational processes in place to ensure appropriate data protection and security. Data protection training is part of our induction programme and we regularly train our employees on data protection practices.

Personal data and privacy

We ensure that the processing of personal data, i.e. its collection, registration, comparison, storage and disposal, is carried out in accordance with the legislation and official regulations. We respect everyone’s right to privacy.  We protect the personal data of Eezy employees, job applicants, light entrepreneurs, partners and other stakeholders who are in our systems. We ensure that the personal data is only processed, accessed and used by persons who require the personal data in order to perform their tasks. We ensure that the persons who process the personal data take appropriate precautions to protect the data. We plan the processing of personal data in advance. We only collect information in our personal data registers that is necessary for the purpose of use. We ensure that personal data is not stored for longer than is necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. 

We train our own personnel in the lawful use of personal data, so that the collection, use, retention and rights of data subjects can be exercised as required by legislation and during the recruitment process and employment or customer relationship.  In the event of a data breach, we shall investigate the breach immediately and notify the data subjects and the Data Protection Ombudsman of the breach without delay as required by legislation.  

For Eezy Plc data privacy statements visit here.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption

We do not accept, offer or request hospitality or gifts that may influence our own or our partners’ decision-making or give the impression of such an attempt to influence. We do not condone or allow bribery or corruption in any form. 

Any hospitality or gifts given or received must be appropriate. The hospitality or gift must always have a valid business reason and be of a very modest value. Hospitality or gifts must never be in violation of legislation, internal guidelines of the recipient’s employer or generally accepted industry practices. Hospitality or gifts given must not be offensive or immoral. Hospitality or gifts must not put the recipient in a debt of gratitude nor create an impression to that effect. Particular attention and caution must be paid to situations involving the preparation of a business decision or the performance of a monitoring or auditing task, for example. 

We do not make donations to political organisations.   

We expect our customers, partners and stakeholders to comply with the same anti-corruption and anti-bribery regulations and procedures as we do ourselves.

Compliance with competition law

In all our operations, we comply with competition law, regulations issued by the authorities and our own internal guidelines. Under no circumstances do we condone unlawful restrictions on competition, such as price or cartel agreements, unlawful exchanges of information about competitors or abuse of a dominant market position. 

We will immediately take the necessary steps to correct the matter and, if necessary, contact the competition authorities if we become aware of any prohibited restriction of competition. 

We expect our customers, partners and stakeholders to comply with the same laws and procedures regarding restriction of competition as we do ourselves. We also obligate these parties to inform us, on their own initiative and without delay, if they or their background parties are suspected or deemed to have participated in any prohibited restriction of competition. 

Conflicts of interest

All decisions and measures concerning our operations must be made in the best interest of Eezy. We do not condone situations where the decisions made are, or could be, contrary to the interest of Eezy. We always act with integrity and fairness. We have drawn up separate guidelines for related-party situations. 

Our employees must not let their personal interest affect their decision-making. Accordingly, the person may not participate in situations that could result in a conflict of interest or a conflict appearing as such between the employee and Eezy. Any situations with a conflict of interest must be reported without delay either via the whistleblowing channel or in accordance with Eezy’s related-party guidelines. 

Guaranteeing freedom of association

We respect the legal right of our employees to set up and join trade unions. We do not discriminate against anyone on this basis. We maintain good relations with labour organisations, trade unions and employee representatives. We encourage active dialogue with our employees so that we can respect their rights. 

We expect our customers, partners and stakeholders to promote these principles in their own operations. 

Sanctions and money laundering

In our operations, we comply with the valid sanctions legislation. We do not carry out business directly or indirectly with any sanctioned person or any other sanctioned operator. In addition, we do not do business directly or indirectly with any sanctioned state or region. We will immediately cease any cooperation with any entity that is already subject to sanctions at the start of the cooperation. 

We exercise due diligence in identifying the backgrounds of our customers, partners, stakeholders and their owners as well as their potential inclusion under applicable sanctions, before we conduct business or start cooperation with them. 

In all our business operations, we only cooperate with reputable and legally financed customers, partners and stakeholders. We exercise due diligence when selecting customers, partners and stakeholders. 

We shall make our best effort to clarify the backgrounds of our customers, partners, stakeholders and their owners before we start cooperation with them.  

We shall notify the competent authorities of any reasonable suspicion of money laundering as required by the relevant legislation. 

We expect our customers, partners and stakeholders to comply with the same sanctions and money laundering regulations and procedures as we do ourselves. We also obligate these parties to inform us on their own initiative and immediately if they or their background parties are subject to any valid sanctions regulations. 

Confidential business information

We do not condone the abuse of business secrets or other confidential information, such as business information, competence or intellectual property rights. We take due diligence to prevent the abuse and disclosure of business secrets and other confidential information. 

We enter into appropriate confidentiality agreements with our own employees, customers, partners and stakeholders to safeguard the business secrets of Eezy and its customers, partners and stakeholders. 

We train our employees to ensure that they have the necessary understanding and competence to lawfully handle business secrets. 

We expect our customers, partners and stakeholders to take similar measures and enter into agreements with their own partners to safeguard Eezy’s trade secrets and confidential information. 

Use of insider information

We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and our internal instructions when handling or trading in Eezy’s shares and other financial instruments. When trading in financial instruments, no person from Eezy may exploit insider information about Eezy or other companies. 

We train our personnel who may have access to insider information in order to prevent the accidental or intentional misuse of insider information. We maintain a list of persons who may have access to insider information and a list of management and related parties in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation. 

Eezy’s CEO, CFO and group communications shall, in accordance with the currently valid law and Eezy’s internal policies and instructions, communicate matters that may affect the value of the company’s shares. Other persons are prohibited from divulging these matters. 

Reporting misconduct

We encourage all our employees and partners to act in an open, honest manner and in accordance with this Code of Conduct. In line with this, we encourage everyone to report suspected misconduct either to their supervisor or to someone else who is responsible for investigating the matter according to Eezy’s instructions. If necessary, suspected misconduct can be reported anonymously via Eezy’s whistleblowing service, which can be found on Eezy’s website and intranet. All reports received through the whistleblowing channel will be processed in accordance with Eezy’s whistleblowing policy. 

We do not allow any direct or indirect negative consequences for a person who reports suspected misconduct. We will take immediate action if this occurs. 

Monitoring of compliance

Eezy monitors that its employees, stakeholders and partners conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Conduct. The monitoring is carried out by way of the company’s internal audit and whistleblowing channel.  

Additionally, Eezy may request investigations from its stakeholders and partners if it suspects conduct that violates this Code of Conduct. On a case-by-case basis, Eezy may also decide to audit the operations of a stakeholder or partner. 

Any violation of the Eezy Code of Conduct for employees will be handled in accordance with Eezy’s internal guidelines. Depending on the severity of the situation, non-compliance with the Code of Conduct may lead to various labour law consequences and even termination of the employment relationship by dismissal or termination. 

Any suspected violation of the Eezy Code of Conduct by a stakeholder or business partner shall be investigated with the party in question. If it is found that a stakeholder or partner has acted in violation of this Code of Conduct, they must correct their actions as agreed upon with Eezy. 

Eezy shall terminate its cooperation with a stakeholder or business partner who: 

  • Fails to follow a commonly agreed upon procedure to stop conduct that violates the Code of Conduct; 
  • Repeatedly violates the Eezy Code of Conduct; 
  • Has deliberately violated the Code of Conduct; and 
  • Has deliberately concealed or attempted to conceal conduct that is in violation of the Code of Conduct.