Employees for industrial, construction and logistics work all over Finland

We will help you find skilled employees quickly and flexibly with more than 30 years of experience. Our large, competent teams in more than 50 locations around Finland will help you with resource planning and recruitment, so that you can use your time efficiently and focus on your core operations.

We are familiar with industrial, construction and logistics jobs and recruit the best experts from our extensive employee and candidate network. We reduce the workload of our clients’ payroll and financial administration: we take care of our leased employees’ pay calculation, pension contributions, insurance, sick pay and occupational health care. We consult our clients on all matters related to our employees throughout the employment relationship.

Through us, you can also seamlessly acquire foreign labour.

Industrial sector

We can help you find employees for the industrial sector and a wide range of industrial tasks quickly. We are constantly hiring employees for our clients and for various positions in production and assembly, supervisors, metal workers, welders, electricians, CNC machinists and construction site cleaners.


We provide manpower quickly and flexibly for all positions in the construction sector. We are constantly hiring employees for our clients and for various positions, including builders and joiners, woodworkers, painters, worksite managers, steel fixers, bricklayers, etc. We work in close cooperation with Finland’s largest developers.


Eezy can find you flexible manpower quickly for all kinds of positions in the delivery chain management of goods and services. We are constantly hiring employees for our clients, including warehouse workers, forklift operators, drivers, collectors, transport managers, and supervisors for responsible positions.

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