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Capital Markets Day 2021

Eezy organized its first Capital Markets Day on Thursday, 9 December 2021. The event was held in Finnish.

In this event, the company management discussed Eezy’s updated strategy, long-term goals and the company’s key role as a significant reformer of the Finnish working life.

The CMD was held as a hybrid event. A webcast of the event can be watched at https://eezy.videosync.fi/2021-12-9-eezy-cmd

Program for the event

Chairman’s greeting / Tapio Pajuharju, Chairman of the Board
Eezy’s strategy 2025 
/ Sami Asikainen, CEO
Work and Talent / Thomas Hynninen, Director, Work and Talent
Opportunities of digitalization / Päivi Salo, Chief Digital Officer
Eezy — The most significant reformer of working life / Isa Merikallio, Content Director
Growth and Renewal / Pasi Papunen, Director, Growth and Renewal
Financial review / Hannu Nyman, CFO