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Corporate responsibility at Eezy

Socially responsible innovator of working life

Sustainability at Eezy is focused on social responsibility, which is part of our everyday activities and at the core of our business. 

We are one of the largest employers in Finland and respond to the changing needs of working life by providing flexible work opportunities, employment training, summer jobs for young people and integration services for foreigners. 

With our renewed strategy, one of our sustainability objectives is to use our services and operations to promote the key factors of successful working life, which we have researched by conducting working life surveys. We have an enormous amount of personnel survey data, which enables us to help our client companies and communities grow and renew as well as develop their management and employee experience.

We offer our white-collar workers the opportunity to exercise and do volunteer work during their working hours. We are the main partner of some of Finland’s largest sports federations – together with them, we advance the exercise activity of the Finnish people.

Focus on social responsibility 

As a staffing company, social questions are at the core of our responsibility work. Our social responsibility policy is governed by the following themes: 

Responsible employer 

  • We operate in a fair way in working life. 
  • We help people get into working life. 
  • We invest in the professional skills and well-being of our personnel and in our employees’ ability to thrive at work.
  • We improve the professional capabilities of employees through continuous training. 

Responsible actor in society 

  • We are a significant Finnish employer. 
  • We strive to make it easier to find employment. 
  • With our operations, we create considerable financial impacts. 
  • We make environmentally friendly choices. 

Responsible services 

  • We tailor our services to answer the needs of clients and employees. 
  • We guide our clients and employees in questions concerning working life. 
  • We help companies with their strategies and the development of management, managerial work and staff experience based on research data.
  • We handle all data in accordance with the GDPR regulations and privacy legislation. 

Responsible business 

As a publicly listed company, we comply with the Limited Liability Companies Act, the company’s Articles of Association, the rules of Nasdaq Helsinki, the Finnish securities market legislation and other applicable regulation. Furthermore, we comply with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code of 2020 issued by the Securities Market Association, which applies to companies listed in Nasdaq Helsinki. We cooperate with trade unions, public administration and educational institutions. We pay our taxes and other relevant payments in Finland. 

We also want to do our part in preventing social exclusion. We cooperate actively with TE services and different employment projects. We advise and coach immigrants in questions concerning working life, and we are a significant employer of young people. We ensure that human rights are observed and that human trafficking does not occur in connection with our business. 

Equal working life 

It is important to Eezy that all people are treated equally in working life, regardless of gender, age, origin, religious beliefs, health, opinions or sexual orientation. Discrimination based on personal characteristics is also prohibited in the equality act. We have an Equality plan, defining the responsibilities and targets as well as actions for reaching them. 

The plan also takes into account the reconciliation of work and family life. As an employer, we want to support employees’ well-being in a comprehensive way, and we therefore apply, for example, different flexible working time models and remote working possibilities in accordance with the needs of employees’ families in different stages of life. 

Work for the environment   Eezy has an environmental programme that includes the targets, actions and KPIs for daily environmental work. We take into account environmental risks, develop waste sorting and strive to reduce the amount of waste in all our operations. We continuously develop our business activities into a more ecological direction and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all business operations.