Freedom of choice in employment services accelerates employment of young people

In addition to coaching, VMP offers young people jobs

Staff leasing enterprise, VMP, is heavily involved in supporting young people in finding appropriate education and developing a career. With the freedom-of-choice experiment, VMP is offering young people employment services in eight ELY Centre regions (Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) through projects such as Nuoret töihin! (jobs for youth) and Nuoret kohti töitä! (youth towards employment), which will begin during the summer.

The freedom-of-choice experiment allows young people to choose VMP’s employment services in southwest Finland, Häme, southeast Finland, Ostrobothnia, north Ostrobothnia, north Savo, North Karelia and Lapland. VMP also actively participates in networks providing services for young people as an employer of young people in other parts of Finland. VMP’s strength lies in the fact that not only can we provide personal coaching, we are also able to truly offer jobs.

Tari Solla, head of the public sector services for the VMP Group, states, “We operate both locally and nationally. We know the area’s job market, and unlike other service providers, we are truly able to offer jobs to young people.”

In the autumn 2017 budget session, the government decided to allocate EUR 15 million to acquire result-based services for people under the age of 30. The aim is to get as many as 10,000 young people involved in the services. The services are especially targeted at young people whose path into the job market has not been particularly straightforward.

Heikki Ruohonen, business director of the public sector services for the VMP Group, emphasizes, “Helping young people who need support will guarantee access to work force and an affluent society in the future as well.”

The services available in the Nuoret töihin! project help and encourage young people under 30 in finding work or becoming entrepreneurs. For example, young people with a degree who are unemployed belong to this group. The Nuoret kohti työtä! project empowers unemployed young people under 30, encourages them to study and helps them to find work. This group encompasses young people who do not have a degree, for example. VMP works with education institutions and other actors in the region. Once the appropriate services have been determined for an individual, (s)he is supported along the appropriate education route, the experiences are reflected upon and we can assist in finding an on-the-job training position.

Solla explains, “We invest in supporting young people in education and finding a career path. For the third summer in a row, we have offered people as young as 13–16 the opportunity to learn about the working world by offering them a summer job voucher.

As a service provider in the Nuoret töihin! and Nuoret kohti töitä! projects, VMP wants to offer young people sustainable career paths to suit each individual’s needs. Depending on the situation and needs of each individual, we provide consultation pertaining to education, employment and entrepreneurship. Uniting the work with the worker and encouraging young people to develop a career based on their own interests, VMP strives to build a sustainable working life.

Ruohonen reminds us, “Positive experiences in the working world help people to stay involved in society. This way, young people become active participants in society and avoid marginalization.”


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