Myths about temporary agency work busted: leased employees satisfied and committed

According to a study by the Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL, leased employees feel that, more and more, temporary agency work opens up new permanent employment opportunities. For VMP, the study indicates that leased employees are committed to their work, which is important not only for the outcome of the work but also for the well-being of the work community.

When examining the leased employees’ views in the study, VMP’s leased employees were more satisfied on average. VMP’s overall score soared to the top, especially in the area of how meaningful doing agency work is (VMP’s average: 3.89; other companies: 3.63). In general, the attitude of VMP’s leased employees towards agency work seems to be more positive than what people usually consider agency work to be. As many as nine out of ten of VMP’s leased employees would recommend agency work to their peers.

VMP’s Development Manager Tita Vapaavuori summarizes, “Committed, content employees help our client companies succeed and also promote the well-being of the work community. Long-standing leased employees yield added value for companies because they do not have to provide job orientation every time a new temporary position is available, and the morale of the work community increases because the co-workers remain the same for a long time.


Agency work increases career opportunities

A large portion of the leased employees feels that temporary work enhances their permanent employment opportunities; they feel that agency work helps to obtain new career opportunities. In this area, the average of VMP’s leased employees exceeded the average of the respondents in other agency work companies (VMP’s average: 4.17; other companies: 3.97).

The acting CEO of Varamiespalvelu, Jani Suominen, states, “Agency work may be the key to a permanent job. It also helps those who are still contemplating their career path, that is, what type of work they would like to do in the future. On the other hand, the study also indicated that about half of our agency workers are not looking for a permanent position; rather, these employees are satisfied doing agency work at this point in their lives.”


Well-managed employment-related issues, such as job orientation, training opportunities and payroll at VMP were emphasized in the agency employees’ responses in a positive way. VMP’s leased employees feel they can apply and develop their own expertise through agency work. (VMP’s average: 3.95; other companies: 3.75). Ensuring the well-being of the staff and addressing the employees’ wishes when offering work were also issues that rose above the average for all of the companies.

Suominen says, “More than half of those who apply for a job through us have received employment within a week.” He adds, “According to the study, experiences with VMP’s agency work proved to be more positive than expected.”


The Private Employment Agencies’ Association HPL conducted the study in April 2018, and all of the authorized agency employment companies in Finland were asked to participate. A total of 7,165 agency employees from 26 companies participated in the study. Of the total number of agency employees in the study, 329 were VMP’s leased employees.