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Doctors by Eezy, one of our diverse staffing services, is an expert partner in staff leasing of doctors. Our physicians can work in both the private and public sectors. We provide high-quality, friendly and straightforward customer service at all times. We do not compromise on the promised delivery times and recruitment criteria, but we are also able to adapt quickly to changes. We are a Finnish partner with a light administration, and up-to-date with your needs at all time. We operate throughout Finland and provide doctors to all cities. 

Staff leasing of doctors is increasing – find reliable doctors quickly through our network

As in other sectors, temporary agency work is increasingly popular among doctors. Eezy keeps up with the trends and developments in working life, and it is easy to order a qualified physician through us. We understand the special characteristics of the business and know how to take them into consideration from the viewpoint of the jobseeker and client alike. We have a broad base of contacts and we stay in close touch. We are a preferred partner among jobseekers thanks to our comprehensive service. We contact the network of doctors and medical students on a regular basis. 

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You can agree all details of your order with your personal expert contact person. We are available at all times and help even in the most challenging situations.
We provide highly qualified doctors at all times and impeccably fluent cooperation.
We are reliable in all situations, excelling among operators in the field owing to our positively tailor-made operating methods.
Staff leasing of doctors has grown intensely at Eezy. The positive upward figures show that we have succeeded in supporting our clients’ business by providing them with excellent employees.

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Katri Roslund, toimialajohtaja, 040 565 6346

Sanna Kämäräinen, johtaja, 040 575 9554

Anni Näremaa, HR-konsultti, 0400 411 823

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