Eezy’s mission is to fulfil working life dreams.

Our vision is to be the most significant actor in Finnish employment and working life, together with its employees and clients. As a strategic goal, this means market leadership in Finland by 2022.

Bringing together employers and employees is a fast-growing billion-euro business where a holistic approach is the key. In Eezy’s view, the winning company in this business is the one that is able to be the most convenient partner in different phases of careers and businesses, offers the most versatile services through a nationwide service network, and builds inspiring workplaces.

The new strategy aims to strengthen these success factors in order for Eezy to reach market leader position through faster-than-market organic growth, and through business acquisitions – while aiming to ensure continued profitability.

To meet these goals, Eezy will focus on the following key actions during the strategy period 2020-2022:

Integration: The integration year 2020 sets the ground for future growth and the development of good profitability

Eezy combines all of the company’s services under one name. One brand and the focusing of all marketing communications under this shared brand will reinforce awareness among employees, customers and other stakeholders.

The remaining predicted cost synergies of the Smile integration should be reached during the years 2020-2021 when the harmonization of IT systems and processes and the implementation of best practices proceed

Good profitability is further developed through the scalability of fixed costs as the company grows.    

Growth: Growth and strengthening of market position in all businesses

Growth is sought by providing the comprehensive services of the fragmented market through one company. The idea is to continue the growth also through acquisitions and by expanding the service offering to new industries.

The cross-selling of services under the current different businesses is strengthened.

We want Eezy to become the most attractive brand and partner in the industry that gathers the best employers and employees together.

Doers’ decade: The well-being of the work community and the individual are key to success

We want to be changing the ways of working in the doers’ decade. Our goal is to make working even more free and easier.

We plan to streamline and ease the usage of our services through digital services and automation, among other things. Personal and individual services are part of the support we plan to offer in the future to help people throughout their careers. We invest in a positive and respectful work community and help our customers to succeed with this. At the core of our business and the ways of working positively, are courage and professionalism, and respect for diversity.

The basis for all our business is our values: courage, respect, professionalism and positivity.

Along with the new strategy, Eezy is considering moving to IFRS reporting standards, which would also result in the re-evaluation of the long-term financial targets. The current long-term financial targets remain valid for now.