Eezy’s success factors

The most versatile staffing services and the most comprehensive network in Finland

We offer the most versatile staffing services and we know working life from Hanko to Utsjoki. Thanks to our size, we are able to provide a broad service selection nationwide.

Eezy has 30 years of experience in operating in the HR services industry, and we are one of the largest HR services companies in Finland. In addition, we are the only company in Finland to offer self-employment services to complement staffing services and recruitment and organisational development services.

In addition to our own, nationwide coverage, the franchising model enables Eezy to maintain an extensive network of business locations while having strong knowledge of local business insight and relations to customers. The franchise business model also provides us with flexibility against economic cycles as fixed costs remain under franchise entrepreneurs’ responsibility. Additionally, as the franchise entrepreneurs are responsible for attaining premises and hiring local employees the business ties little amount of Eezy’s own capital. The capital light business model also enables Eezy to seek new business opportunities and expand into new areas without significant investments.

A partner throughout the career

Working life is changing radically and there are as many career paths as there are employees. We offer services to find the first summer job, for direct recruitment of corporate directors, to the employment of immigrants, for a self-employing career changer and to all others who are fulfilling their working life dreams.

We are able to take advantage of the growth factors in the industry by continuously renewing our services and by offering versatile services for numerous customer needs. In addition, we are capable of addressing the loss and creation of jobs by, for example, offering re-education and recruitment services as well as integration and training services for foreign labor.

Easiest for the employee and for the corporate clients

We make finding jobs and employees easy. We offer digital services and personal guidance for job search.

We utilize modern digital tools in service delivery. Easiness is reached by the seamless coordination of digital solutions and personal service. In the self-employment service area, we offer customers an easy-to-use browser-based solution.

The best operator to build inspiring workplaces

Success isn’t built with resources; it is made with doers and enthusiasm.

With our modern and comprehensive offering, we are able to react rapidly to the development of the labor market and to understand our customers’ needs, in order to tailor our services to meet our customers needs. This enables us to find the perfect employee and employer matches.

We want to develop personal and individual services and skills. For us, it is important to invest in positive and respectful working communities, both in our own daily lives as in our customer companies.