The Company

Eezy, the most versatile staffing services company in Finland, knows working life from Hanko to Utsjoki, and employs around 30.000 people each year.

We help doers and employers to find each other. We develop workplaces for better and make employees’ daily lives smoother at each turn of their careers. We help people and companies to succeed and to fulfill their dreams. Our vision is to be the most significant actor in Finnish employment and working life, together with our employees and clients. As a strategic goal, this means market leadership in Finland by 2022.

Eezy’s services include staffing, recruiting, organizational development, and self-employment services.

  • Staffing services offers services directly through its own group companies and through its franchising chain.
  • Organizational development provides organizational and customer experience development through information and research.
  • The recruitment services comprise services related to recruitment and direct search for customers.

Through its self-employment services, Eezy offers a new way for self-employment easily and effortlessly.