We follow our values every step of the way


We are courageous. We have the courage to renew and reform, we have the freedom to try, develop, choose and do. Courage means that we dare to fail and learn from our mistakes. We will take working life courageously into a new decade. Today, we create the future of working life that we want to witness tomorrow. That takes courage and daring, willingness to be better.


We bring joy everywhere we go. We are here for people – face to face, we work as people for people. We are easy to approach and a preferred partner in cooperation. A positive approach is an attitude and we are always free to choose it. We choose it even if it is not easy. We look into the future openly and positively, encouraging each other and believing in our dreams.


We work with pride, with high quality and profitably. We have the freedom to work and we believe in ourselves and trust our competence. We never give up, we assume responsibility, finish what we have started and keep our word at all times. Our entrepreneurial and professional attitude makes us a preferred partner.

Eezy is a responsible innovator of working life

Eezy’s social responsibility is part of our daily work: we organise employment training, summer jobs for young people and integration for foreigners, among other things.

We examine the needs of working life and help our customers grow and reform.

We are the main partner of the largest sports federations in Finland.

Our employees have the opportunity to exercise and volunteer during working hours.


The direct environmental impact of Eezy’s services is estimated to be low due to the nature of the company’s business operations. In its internal operations, Eezy has a strong focus on the themes of sustainable development by means of harmonised recycling policies and by placing emphasis on eco-friendly choices in the company’s policies concerning work-related travel, for example.

Social and personnel-related issues

Eezy aims to help employers and employees succeed in the changing world of work. Eezy’s business, growth and success are based on highly competent personnel, including both the Group’s direct personnel and leased employees. In addition to the continuous development of personnel competence, Eezy has a strong focus on promoting well-being.

In all of its operations, Eezy observes the rules of fair working life, collective agreements and applicable legislation. Eezy engages in cooperation with trade unions, the public sector and educational institutions, and Eezy also looks after the occupational safety of leased employees in cooperation with customers.

Eezy plays an important role in preventing social exclusion. Eezy works actively together with Employment and Economic Development Offices and various employment promotion projects. Eezy provides advice and training to immigrants on questions concerning working life, offers integration services and is a significant employer of young people.

The central themes of Eezy’s HR policy are well-being at work and occupational safety. Eezy trains and coaches its employees to facilitate their professional development. Well-being at work is measured by regular job satisfaction surveys and by monitoring sickness absence rates. Eezy has an active occupational health and safety committee that is responsible for occupational safety and works together with customer companies to develop occupational safety. Occupational accident monitoring is carried out together with the occupational health care provider on the basis of accident statistics with the aim of improving occupational safety.

Respect for human rights and the prevention of corruption and bribery

Eezy uses a Whistleblowing channel to facilitate the external and internal reporting of suspected misconduct in accordance with the EU’s Whistleblower Directive. Eezy respects and observes human rights. Employees and jobseekers are not discriminated against on any grounds. With regard to foreign labour, Eezy confirms that foreign workers have the right to work and supports the prevention of trafficking in human beings. Eezy does not tolerate any form of harassment or workplace bullying.

Eezy has established a data protection and data security organisation based on the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the company has operating processes in place to ensure appropriate data protection and data security.

Eezy is committed to preventing all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery. No favours, gifts or benefits are offered or received that could reasonably be expected to influence decision-making within the company. The personnel have the opportunity to report violations and suspected misconduct through a separate Whistleblowing channel or by reporting such incidents to their supervisor or the company’s senior management.